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KRark ehf. is an architectural design studio specialized in building design and urban planning. The office was founded in Iceland in 1980 by Kristinn Ragnarsson, after working for some years both in Iceland and in Germany, where received the Dipl. Eng. Architect degree from the Carolo Wilhelmina Technical University in Braunschweig in 1973.

Mexican architects, Rafael Cao Romero Millan and Jorge Gonzalez Enriquez, become partners at KRark in 2006 after collaborating at the studio since the year 2000.

"KRark creates integrated and profitable spaces"

KRark has been involved in a wide range of architectural design projects of different types and scales; from town planning, office, commercial, industrial, sports facilities, hotels, schools, apartment buildings, single family houses and interior design.

The work done by KRark emphasizes formal and functional integration between architecture, technique, budget and natural environment. It is recognized in Iceland for the quality of its projects, which use mainly contemporary architectural language and functionality.

KRark received design awards by the City of Reykjavík in 2002, and the City of Kópavogur in 2003, 2005 and 2006.

KRark believes in the idea of teamwork throughout the design process. We involve the client, design team, engineering consultants, contractor and suppliers in the whole process to have a good exchange of information and feedback to reach a solution that meets the client´s expectations and the needs of the market.

Through this process we have achieved a balance between form, function, technique, environment, context, cost, profitability in the market and most of all, client´s satisfaction.