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Human resources

Since 2003 KRark experienced a continuous growth. In 2006 the studio had 17 members from different nationalities and backgrounds which included: Iceland, Mexico, Madagascar, Italy, Argentina, Taiwan, Ireland, Poland, Venezuela, China, Germany, Kosovo and Yemen. In the same year we started a joint venture in Mexico with Praxis Arquitectos to develop projects in Iceland, adding five overseas members to the local team.

To make the most of the formation and the cultural background of each member, KRark established a working system, which stays up to date through continuous training and updating the working tools, and English as a standard communication language inside the office.


Since 2008 we started the transition from the traditional CAD platform to Building Information Modeling (BIM) system implementation through Revit Architecture. The process of communication with the different teams involved became much more efficient, giving the possibility to use the data to analyze the model during the design process in order to create a green and sustainable building.

Cutting-edge Tools

Our team currently uses the following software:

Revit 2011

AutoCAD 2011

Sketchup 7

Mind Manager

Adobe CS4

MS Office 2010

We also implemented the use of project management software, which allows us to keep a better information flow and control of the project, from its early stages, like feasibility and pre-design until the final stages, when the building is ready and the client starts using it. This also lets us stay inside the client´s budget and establish when the different teams need to start interacting in the work and thus ensuring a good quality control throughout the project.